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Responsive by Design

agis onesite™ is a website smart enough to transform content for optimum tablet and smartphone viewing.

Responsive websites are designed and developed to provide a user-friendly experience on any device. Watch the agis onesite video.

agis <span>one</span>site -<br />Responsive by Design

Save Time & Money with Responsive Design

  • One site to update
  • One site to maintain
  • One hosting fee

Responsive Design Means an Excellent User Experience

The same information is available on all devices; but navigation, images and buttons transform to give tablet and mobile users the experience they expect.

Growth & Flexibility from Responsive Design

Maintaining a single website means future enhancements are automatically available across all devices. Great for the end user and your budget!

Google Prefers Responsive Design

Responsive design is Google's "preferred mobile configuration" because there is only one site to index. 

Gain a Competitive Edge with Responsive Design

Mobile accounts for 38% of online traffic. Providing a user-friendly experience on tablets and phones, as well as desktop, will help you stay ahead of your competition.


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