The Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative (ASERT), funded by the Bureau of Autism Services, Office of Developmental Programs, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, sought to provide easy access to information for the estimated 30,000 Pennsylvanians living with or affected by autism.

agis was brought into the project to design and develop a premier online resource for families, medical providers, and self-advocates whose lives are affected by autism spectrum disorder.

Website features

  • agis onesite™ mobile-optimized for desktop, tablet and phone
  • DNN® content management system
  • Resources available in 11 languages
  • agis premium modules for filtered resources, training, events, announcements and news feeds

Customized back-end office features

  • Internal file sharing system
  • Resource vetting process
  • Advanced event editing
  • Download management
  • Reporting analytics
visit website is a complex website with multiple functions that have been (and continue to be) developed over time to meet the needs of ASERT. From conceptualizing the site, to creating its branding and “look” and phasing in new functionality over time, the process of working with agis has been great. The agis team has been excellent about taking big picture ideas from multiple different perspectives, compiling and fully understanding each of the requests, and providing recommendations to get from the “idea” to the functionality. Additions to the site have been completed on schedule with plenty of opportunity for feedback, testing, and tweaking. The functionality of the site has become a critical part of the day-to-day work of ASERT and agis continues to be responsive and helpful in tweaking the existing functionality while simultaneously working on the next big project for I am very happy with the work that agis has done thus far and look forward to an ongoing partnership as we continue to grow and improve

Carla Craig, Communication Manager - ASERT,

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