Responsive Design 101

Responsive design, adaptive design, breakpoints - what does it all mean?

We thought it might be helpful to give you a crash course in how this actually works. We’ll try not to get too technical on you!

Responsive Design 101

Responsive Website Design

The practice of designing and developing websites that fluidly adapt content and functionality for the device on which they are being viewed.

Responsive Design Breakpoints

Where one design layout gives way to another. Standard breakpoints accommodate smartphone portrait and landscape orientations, tablet portrait orientation, notebook, and widescreen desktop.

Elements of Responsive Design

Images, logos, icons, button links, and text that make up a webpage. With responsive websites, these building blocks are programmed to shift position or change size to ensure optimal display at each breakpoint.

Fluid or Flexible Grid Web Design

Unlike traditional websites with rigid, fixed widths, responsive websites expand and contract as needed so all elements look their best regardless of the mobile device on which they’re being viewed.


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